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Beza Posterity Development Organization (BPDO) Established in the year 2000 as anti HIV/AIDS club, when HIV/AID was prime cause to the death of countless number of youths and children and high discrimination and stigma from any social and cultural engagements in the operation area. The club was initiated by a group of committed youngsters whom their hearts were touched by the epidemic.

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Beza Posterity

Programmatic intervention areas

BPDO has currently implementing in three Programmatic interventions
  • 1. Health program
  • 2. Socio-Economic Program
  • 3. Capacity Building and Advocacy program

Current BPDO Operational Areas

  • Amhara Region
  • Addis Ababa City Administration
  • Afar Region
  • Tigray Region
  • Oromia Region
  • Beza Posterity

    Vision statement

    Envisions Healthy, productive and transformed society
    Beza Posterity

    Mission statement

    Strives to empowered marginalized community by designing and Implementing need based and sustainable heath, socio economic and capacity building and Advocacy programs.

    Organizational Strategies

    o achieve the designed organizational visions and missions the following strategies has been taken

    Networking and strengthened partnership

    Strengthening partnership with the government to secure their support for the intended programmatic activities; Establish strong and meaningful membership and partnership with various core networks and consortiums at regional national and International level

    Conducting Action Oriented Researches

    Evidence based and scientifically sound interventions; Baseline surveys and need assessments; Developing a well systematized information generation and knowledge sharing mechanism for information generation and dissemination; Publishing and circulating the findings for wider usage

    Participatory strategy

    A participatory strategy means involving the participants and the community representatives in the organization, starting from when it defines its objectives and ideas all the way through to program implementation and evaluation.

    Enhancement of Voluntarism

    Training on volunteer management; Encouraging and supporting volunteers; Building active and vibrant volunteers; Engaging local and international public figures, officials, celebrities, artists, and others, and involve them in resource mobilization/fundraising, program sensitization and organizational visibility, etc

    How Can You Help?

    Your donation will help us save and improve lives with research, education and emergency care.

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